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Duties of a Man

Speaking of marriage and the requisite qualities expected from both contracting parties, we all (or at least, most of us) know what are the base qualities a man getting ready for marriage should possess. I will not go into that here.

However, something caught my attention and, the more I tried to ignore it, the harder it is to let go. In my observation (addressing the men folk) I have seen many men that have all the expected base qualities, otherwise, their spouses wouldn’t have signed the dotted lines in agreement with them.

Most married men are caring. Women have an acute need for attention. Alas! Very few men realise this innate desire in their wives, at least, in the first few years of marriage. For guys that have been used to hanging out with friends for long hours, even late into the night, they find it difficult to pluck their own feet out of the peer trap. They fail to realise that their status has changed, therefore, there must be a change in lifestyle… and trouble begins.

In a bid to make this as brief as to not abuse your patience, let me say this: ability to say NO to PEER PRESSURE is a very essential quality a man must cultivate before he ventures into marriage. Whatever you agree to or decides for outside, has a direct impact on your family as long as it affects your own life. A married man, therefore,  must learn to recognise his boundries, acknowledge the parties to which his allegiance lies and control himself in the things he allows himself to be influenced by, giving his family the highest priority after God.

God bless your home.

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