Living a Full Life Span (my thought)

Oftentimes, we pray to live long, probably, longer than the ones before us. The desire for long life thus, has robbed many of us of our joy when a loved one suddenly dies “prematurely”, our prematurity being years younger than the expected life expectancy of such individual.

However, recently, I started thinking differently. I see life solely as an existence for a particular purpose. Coming from the school of thought I belong to, a useful life ends when the purpose of such a life has been dutifully fulfilled. God does not live anyone roaming about here who has completed his assignment, no no. He sent us here for a purpose and watches to see how aligned we are to that purpose in a lifetime. Different purposes requires different duration to accomplish, therefore, the duration of one’s purpose determines the longevity of each man’s life.God is pleased when our lives are lived on purpose and He’s content to withdraw anyone from this earth as soon as the assignment is done with.

Living a full life span, therefore, is staying  up long enough to fulfill that assignment and, not just to stay here marking time when there’s nothing more to do. Premature death therefore, would be, dieing before a divine purpose is accomplished and not, before a certain age, as expected by mortal man. Jesus completed his assignment at age 33 and he said

It is finished“,

referring to his reason for coming here. Paul lived a much longer duration because his assignment required it.

A full life span is not necessarily 70 years or 90 or 100. It is the exact time duration required for your assignment. Seek to live according to purpose and to fulfill it. When the time comes to be taken out, age notwithstanding, you would be able to say, Yes, It is finished!


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