Persistence pays

A salesman knows very well that hardly (if at all ), would you sell an item on your first call and, unless you’re the President of a nation (even at that), you would often need to repeat your requests before they are granted.

Nothing comes to you so cheaply; you have to go hard and strong after it. The only way to prove your desire for a thing is how resilient you are at getting it. Myles Munroe said, … pursuit is the proof of desire. In my experience in the little time I’ve spent up here, I discovered you don’t get a thing until you insist on getting it and that, if you insist and stand your ground, no matter how long it takes, you’ll always get whatever you ask for  … always.

You could be determined but not have the tenacity to get your desire delivered. You would be discouraged when you face rejection time and again. However, if you insist on getting it, you would develop courage and stand your ground. That is the power of persistence… it never fails.

Stand your ground. Keep pushing. Don’t give up. You will get there.

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